Slab Leaks in Van Nuys

A slab leak is a leak that takes place below the foundation in a pipe or sewer line. This type of leak can be highly problematic, because you might lose lots of water and see high utility bills until the leak is repaired. Additionally, these leaks are difficult to access, since they may be hard to locate and reach beneath the foundation of your home. Therefore, you will want to seek out a trusted local plumber like Helping Hand Bros. to diagnose the leak and offer reliable repair service in the San Fernando Valley.

Symptoms of a Slab Leak

With a slab leak you may notice cracks in your flooring, mold or mildew growth under carpets, unusually high water bills, or the sound of running water when all the water is turned off. A meter test can confirm that your plumbing system is losing water and show you how much water is being lost to the leak. If a hot water line leak is present, you might feel a hot spot on the floor.

Detecting the Leak’s Source

Dismantling the foundation is not necessary in diagnosing slab leaks. A skilled technician should be able to pinpoint a leak with electromagnetic pipeline locators or electronic amplification equipment. Once a pipe leak is found, it can generally be repaired with the removal of an area the size of a single floor tile. Sewer line leaks may be a more complex problem, since they might not show signs until there is visible damage to the foundation. Proper use of the drains in your home can help to reduce harmful clogs that might damage the sewer line below your home and lead to a slab leak.

Repair Options

You may have a few options for repairing a slab leak, and your technician will review the pros and cons of each considering the layout and age of your home. In general, you will likely choose between these three repair techniques:

  • Spot repair – With spot repair, part of the floor will be opened at the site of the leak. The existing pipe will be patched to eliminate a single leak.
  • Re-pipe – If you have an older home or pipes that are prone to leaking, you may want to invest in re-piping. With this option, the whole pipe will be replaced, which can save money in the long run with a lower chance for further leaks.
  • Pipe coating – Epoxy pipe coating is typically only used in cases where digging up the slab would be inconvenient or cost prohibitive. This repair utilizes a coating on the inside of existing pipes to reinforce these structures and get rid of leaks.

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