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Clogged drains are among the most common problems homeowners face in residential plumbing, and it may be tempting to try and fix the clog yourself to spare a call to the plumber. Before you begin the job, however, it is important to recognize that clogs can be more complex than they appear, so a professional may be your best bet for reducing the time it takes to clean your drain and restore your home’s plumbing. With Helping Hand Bros., you can always expect fast and affordable drain cleaning service in Van Nuys to clear your pipes and prevent costlier repairs down the road.

Common Sites of Drain Clogs

The kitchen and bathroom are both susceptible to clogs in the sinks, shower, and toilets. You are likely to see clogs developed in the most frequently used fixtures of the home—especially in kitchen sinks outfitted with garbage disposals.

Clog Prevention Tips

With some proper care and good habits, you might reduce the number of clogs you see in your home. Below, you’ll see a few of the best strategies for preventing clogs and eliminating common sources of more expensive damage in your pipes.

  • Never put grease down the drain – Cooking grease should never be put down the drain, since it can cause serious clogs that could affect you and your neighbors. Always dispose of grease in a sealed container in the trash, and wipe down greasy pans with a paper towel before washing them in the sink.
  • Only flush waste and toilet paper – You should avoid flushing trash down the toilet, since items can easily get caught in the pipes and create backflow issues.
  • Use a screen on your shower and sink drains – The kitchen sink and shower drains are some of the more common sites of clogs, since there is a higher volume of debris that might make its way down the drain. Fitting these drains with mesh screens will help keep hair out of the shower drain and free the kitchen sink of excess food particles that might get caught in the pipes.

Reasons to Leave Drain Cleaning to the Pros

Many homeowners will rely on drain cleaning chemicals that can cause damage to the pipes if used incorrectly or too frequently. These products may also cause problems by restoring water flow temporarily without clearing the larger clog at the source of the problem. When you do clear a clog properly, it can be a messy job. With professional drain cleaning service, you can avoid the mess and expect that no evidence of the job will be left behind.

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