• What to Expect from Your Sewer Line Repair

    Sewer line repair is among the most significant emergency plumbing projects that can be performed on your home. Since a broken sewer line poses a health hazard to your entire neighborhood, you will need to address this plumbing issue right away. When your home’s plumbing system shows signs of sewer damage, you should be sure […]

  • Essential Tips for Preventing Clogged Drains in Your Home

    Many homeowners do not consider their plumbing system until an emergency plumbing situation arises. However, a clogged toilet or other pipe blockage can seriously disrupt your daily routine. With the assistance of a plumber in Van Nuys , you can ensure that your emergency plumbing repairs are handled swiftly and efficiently. Your plumber can use […]

  • What to Do If Your Bath Faucet Leaks

    A leaky bath faucet or shower valve can be a major annoyance. With leak detection from a plumber in Van Nuys, you can pinpoint the precise problem that is plaguing your shower system. If your leak is located in the faucet itself, you may need to ask your plumber to replace the valve and faucet. […]

  • Signs That Your Home May Need a Sewer Inspection

    A sewer line clog is among the most serious emergency plumbing situations that can affect your home. If you are unable to unclog the toilet, you could be at risk of having raw sewage backing up into your interior spaces. With the assistance of a plumber offering sewer line repair in Burbank , you can […]

  • The Essentials of Septic Tank Maintenance

    A septic tank is a key plumbing feature for many homes. If your home is connected to a septic tank, you should be sure to maintain your system with routine repair and maintenance. Every few years, you will need to have solids pumped out of your system by a certified plumbing company. Between septic tank […]

  • Choosing the Right Water Heater for Your Home

    From doing the dishes to taking a shower, water heaters are an essential part of your day-to-day lives. When your home has been relying on the same gas water heater for more than a decade, it may be time to contact your plumber in Los Angeles to schedule a water heater replacement. By replacing your […]

  • Helping Hands Bros. wants your reviews on Google+

    The Helping Hands Bros. want to hear from you. If we have recently helped you with your drains, sewer or water heater then we want to hear from you. Post your helpful customer experience on our Google+ page.

  • Plumbing Mistakes to Avoid During Remodeling

    If you are looking to add some new flair to the house you have spent so much time in, remodeling is an excellent idea. However, it is very important to do so carefully and consider effect that your decisions will have on your Los Angeles plumbing . Here are a few plumbing mistakes to avoid […]

  • Why Plumbing Leaks Should Be Repaired Now

    Plumbing leaks can be extremely detrimental to your home in a number of ways. If you are experiencing a leak, call your Los Angeles plumber immediately so that you can prevent further damage. Keep reading to find out why plumbing leaks should be repaired now. Wall Damage When water and waste are displaced from toilets, […]

  • Checking Your Water Heater’s Thermostat

    You do not have to be a Los Angeles plumber to check your water heater’s thermostat. In fact, the procedure is as simple as clearing up a clogged toilet. Watch this video for help in checking your water heater’s thermostat. Much like the thermostat that controls the temperature of air in your house, the thermostat […]