• A Look at Some Common Water Heater Problems

    Water heaters aren’t the most complex appliances in a home, but they can certainly cause the biggest headache. People use hot water every day for everything from doing the laundry and dishes to showering and shaving, so any problems with the water heater can cause a major disruption in one’s daily routine. Fortunately, emergency plumbing […]

  • Choosing the Right Water Heater for Your Home

    From doing the dishes to taking a shower, water heaters are an essential part of your day-to-day lives. When your home has been relying on the same gas water heater for more than a decade, it may be time to contact your plumber in Los Angeles to schedule a water heater replacement. By replacing your […]

  • Checking Your Water Heater’s Thermostat

    You do not have to be a Los Angeles plumber to check your water heater’s thermostat. In fact, the procedure is as simple as clearing up a clogged toilet. Watch this video for help in checking your water heater’s thermostat. Much like the thermostat that controls the temperature of air in your house, the thermostat […]

  • Tips for Choosing a New Water Heater

    When it comes to choosing a water heater in Los Angeles, there are a number of factors to consider. Hot water heaters come in various sizes and levels of efficiency, so it is important to do your research beforehand. Here are a few tips for choosing a new water heater. If you are choosing a […]

  • How Do Gas Heaters Work?

    A gas water heater uses natural gas to heat all of the water for your home. In order to generate hot water, gas water heaters use a gas valve to send fuel to the heating element. By heating water from the bottom to the top, a gas hot water heater is able to create plenty […]

  • Should You Switch to a Tankless Water Heater?

    If you have noticed that your hot water bill is on the rise, you may be ready to make the switch from a conventional water heater to a tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters are designed to provide you with the best level of efficiency and performance for all of your hot water needs at […]

  • How Tankless Water Heaters Work

    A tankless water heater will provide you with easy operation and fantastic efficiency. When you install a tankless water heater in your home, your water heater will only create hot water on demand. By contrast, a conventional hot water heater must remain on throughout the day in order to maintain the temperature of the hot […]

  • The Steps of Maintaining Your Water Heater

    If you call a plumber in Los Angeles for water heater maintenance, the first thing he will do is check the unit to see when it was installed. If your water heater is less than seven years old, the water heater tank should be drained completely so that the sediment at the bottom of the […]

  • A Look at How Tankless Water Heaters Work

    Have you ever used a shower or a faucet connected to a tankless water heater in Los Angeles ? Tankless water heaters, already the norm in much of Europe and Japan, offer hot water on-demand, which lowers energy consumption and ensures hot water as soon as you want it. Tankless water heaters even last five […]

  • Water Saving Tips for Your Home

    The summer months are right around the corner, and now is a great time to consider how you can save water during the warmest season of the year. By maintaining the plumbing and water heater systems around your home, you can help to cut back on your home water use throughout the seasons. At The […]