How Are Slab Leaks Repaired?

Not all plumbing emergencies are very apparent. Case in point: slab leaks . Leaking pipes underneath your home’s foundation can be highly problematic. In addition to wasting lots of water and resulting high utility bills, slab leaks can also lead to extensive structural damage if not addressed quickly. If you notice damp spots on your floor, the sound of rushing water underneath your floor, or unexplainable spikes in your water bill, contact an emergency plumbing company in Van Nuys to diagnose whether a slab leak is to blame. In the even that a slab leak is detected, your plumber will give you the following slab leak repair options.

Slab Leaks in Van Nuys

Spot Repair
If your plumber is able to identify the exact spot of the leak, spot repair may be the fastest and most affordable option. With spot repair, the floor is opened above the site of the leak and the problem area will either be patched or replaced. This method typically requires the use of a jackhammer to break a hole through the slab and gain access to the leaking section of pipe.

Depending on the age of your plumbing and the extent of the slab leak, your plumber may recommend replacing whole sections of pipe underneath the foundation. Re-piping is costlier than spot repairs, but you may end up saving thousands of dollars in plumbing repair and water damage repair costs in the long run. If your home is very old, you may consider having the entire piping system replaced to prevent future leaks and improve the performance of your plumbing.

Pipe Coating
If digging up the slab is cost prohibitive or not advisable due to other factors, your plumber can repair a slab leak using the pipe coating method. Your plumber will inject an epoxy pipe coating that hardens inside the existing pipe to reinforce the pipe and get rid of any leaks.

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