Dealing with Constantly Clogged Drains

Although clogged drains are usually fixed with a plunger or a dose of drain cleaner, there are those rare occasions when drains back up again and again no matter what you do. Instances like these usually call for professional plumbing assistance, particularly when it’s the toilet that keeps clogging. If you’re dealing with a chronic drain clog, here are some steps you can take to treat this major inconvenience.

Inspect the Plumbing Vents
Clogged Drains in Van Nuys A sluggish drain isn’t always the result of an obstruction in the drain line. In fact, the solution to your drain problems may be found on the roof. When plumbing vents are blocked, air can’t get into the drains, which causes a vacuum that can slow down or stop draining altogether. If you feel comfortable doing so, climb onto your roof and inspect the vent opening for obstructions such as leaves, bird nests, and other debris.

Use a Plumbing Snake
A drain auger, also known as a plumbing snake, is a handy plumbing tool to keep around the house. If the plumbing vents seem to be clear, your next step should be to use a plumbing snake on any clogged drains around your home. These devices break up gunk and obstructions in a drain line, the most common of which are coagulated cooking fats and oils, hair, fibrous foods, and paper towels. To prevent drain clogs in the future, install drain screens in your sinks and tubs to keep debris out of the drain lines.

Schedule a Drain Cleaning
When all else fails, your best option is to schedule drain cleaning with an emergency plumbing company in Van Buys. Professional drain cleaning services will remove any blockages in your plumbing system, ensuring that all of your drains flow smoothly. If you want to save time and money dealing with pesky drain problems, schedule drain cleaning at the first sign of a clogged drain.

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