Why Plumbing Leaks Should Be Repaired Now

Plumbing leaks can be extremely detrimental to your home in a number of ways. If you are experiencing a leak, call your Los Angeles plumber immediately so that you can prevent further damage. Keep reading to find out why plumbing leaks should be repaired now.

Why Plumbing Leaks Should Be Repaired Now

Wall Damage

When water and waste are displaced from toilets, showers, and sinks, these materials are transported through pipes that often run through your walls. If one of these pipes were to burst, crack, or in some way leak, you may end up experiencing substantial water damage in your walls. If this occurs, it is crucial to treat the problem as soon as possible. A leak in this area will cause your drywall to become damp; if the leak has not spread too far, you can have your plumbing professional replace the affected section. If you wait too long, however, the leak will spread and you may have to have larger sections of your drywall replaced.

Damage to Flooring

Thanks to gravity, flooring is always at risk when you experience a plumbing leak. Plumbing leaks may affect the floors in certain rooms differently than others. Pay attention to your kitchen floorboards because plumbing leaks can cause discoloration and warping that warrant replacement. You may also find water on your bathroom floor after using your shower. The quicker you acknowledge these signs and remedy the situation, the less costly the repairs will be.


Water damage in any part of the house can contribute to the growth of mold. While mold is an eyesore and an inconvenience, it can also be hazardous to your health. Black mold can cause a wide array of health complications in humans including wheezing, coughing, low blood pressure, and even coma or death.

When a plumbing leak is left alone it is given the opportunity to get substantially worse. If you notice any dampness in your walls or warping of your floorboards, contact your plumber. The untreated leak will spread and cause your expenses to grow; it may also allow harmful molds to thrive, which can be seriously dangerous to human health.

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