Plumbing Mistakes to Avoid During Remodeling

If you are looking to add some new flair to the house you have spent so much time in, remodeling is an excellent idea. However, it is very important to do so carefully and consider effect that your decisions will have on your Los Angeles plumbing . Here are a few plumbing mistakes to avoid during remodeling.

Plumbing Mistakes to Avoid During Remodeling

Shower Slope

With the seemingly unlimited available options for shower floors, remodeling in this fashion may seem like a good idea. If you decide to go this route, it is important to pay close attention to certain aspects. Much like driveways are sloped downwards towards the street so that water can drain out, shower floors must be sloped towards the drain. If you slope the shower floor the wrong way by even just a small margin, you could find yourself in a permanent bath. In addition to the inconvenience of standing in a few inches of water when you take a shower, this improper slope can lead to the growth of dangerous molds.

Sink and Cabinet

It is always wise to pick a sink before you have your cabinets installed. Your cabinets will have to provide the proper housing for the sink as well as its associated plumbing pipes, and mismatched sizes can lead to a substantial amount of extra work. Since extra work means a greater cost, it is best to avoid this mistake in the first place. Choose a sink first so that you know its exact measurements and can install your cabinets accordingly.

Flooring Under Cabinets

A new floor can help to spruce up your kitchen, but it can be a hassle if you do not have it installed properly. Make sure the flooring is installed under the cabinets as well as the dishwasher so that they can be removed with ease if necessary.

Most people who remodel their homes are not plumbers, so it is important to do some research before diving in. Make sure that your new shower floor is sloped towards the drain, and choose your sink before you have your cabinets installed. New flooring should be installed under your cabinets to prevent future problems.

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