• Tips for Choosing a New Water Heater

    When it comes to choosing a water heater in Los Angeles, there are a number of factors to consider. Hot water heaters come in various sizes and levels of efficiency, so it is important to do your research beforehand. Here are a few tips for choosing a new water heater. If you are choosing a […]

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  • The Beginner’s Guide to Plumbing

    Whether you are a first-time homeowner or are simply interested in learning about the maintenance needs of your household, it is a great idea to educate yourself about your home plumbing system. There are many details about your plumbing system that can help you keep your system in great working condition. For example, you may […]

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  • What to Avoid Putting Down Your Garbage Disposal

    A garbage disposal adds terrific convenience to your kitchen plumbing system. If your kitchen sink is equipped with a garbage disposal, you may be tempted to send all of your food scraps down the drain. While your garbage disposal is a powerful piece of plumbing equipment, improper use can result in a major emergency. The […]

  • How Do Gas Heaters Work?

    A gas water heater uses natural gas to heat all of the water for your home. In order to generate hot water, gas water heaters use a gas valve to send fuel to the heating element. By heating water from the bottom to the top, a gas hot water heater is able to create plenty […]