Signs and Symptoms of a Sewer Clog

Sewer clogs can happen in any home, irrespective of age or building quality. Sewer clogs are typically the result of tree roots damaging the piping, but they can also be caused by flushing items down the sink or toilet that should be put in a waste bin instead. If you suspect a sewer clog in your home, call The Helping Hand Bros, the preferred plumber in Los Angeles .

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Raw Sewage Backup

Probably the most common and unpleasant symptom of a sewer clog is sewer backup, which usually comes up the drains and sinks that are at the lowest elevation. Our plumbers have seen serious property damage that resulted from sewage backup, so we recommend calling us to have your sewer clog fixed sooner rather than later.

Gurgling Noises

If you run a plumbing appliance, such as a sink or washing machine, and your toilet makes a noise that sounds like your coffee pot percolating, this is a sign that you could have a sewer clog. Our plumbers are acutely familiar with difference between a noisy toilet and one that signals a sewer clog, so it’s best to call us as soon as possible if you hear strange noises coming from your toilet or drains.

One Plumbing Appliances Drains Into Another

If the problem is in the main line, you won’t be able to run any water without causing the toilet to percolate or other plumbing appliances to back up. But sometimes the problem is isolated; for example, the toilet upstairs may flush fine while the plumbing appliances downstairs have quit working. In these cases, the clog is in the secondary line rather than the main line.

Clogging After Using the Toilet as a Waste Bin

The most common cause of a sewer clog is tree roots cracking the piping. In newer homes, a common problem is flushing items that shouldn’t be flushed. Flushing paper towels, thick toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, cooking oil, or paint will oftentimes cause a sewer clog. While it may be convenient to use the toilet as a waste bin, eventually it will cause a clogged toilet or sink.

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