• A Look at Kitchen Faucet Repairs

    If you have old water fixtures in your home, it’s only a matter of time before you start noticing water leaking out around the fixture when in use. In situations like these, you may be able to fix the problem easily enough on your own by taking the fixture apart and inspecting the gasket. An […]

  • Dealing with Constantly Clogged Drains

    Although clogged drains are usually fixed with a plunger or a dose of drain cleaner, there are those rare occasions when drains back up again and again no matter what you do. Instances like these usually call for professional plumbing assistance, particularly when it’s the toilet that keeps clogging. If you’re dealing with a chronic […]

  • Hiring a Plumber 101

    For big and small plumbing projects alike, it’s in your best interest to hire the best plumbing company you can find. Hiring an ineffective or inexperienced plumber can compound your plumbing problems and may even end up costing you more time and money in the long run. The most obvious question, then, is how to […]

  • How Are Slab Leaks Repaired?

    Not all plumbing emergencies are very apparent. Case in point: slab leaks . Leaking pipes underneath your home’s foundation can be highly problematic. In addition to wasting lots of water and resulting high utility bills, slab leaks can also lead to extensive structural damage if not addressed quickly. If you notice damp spots on your […]

  • Removing Musty Kitchen Smells

    You scrub and spray down all the surfaces in your kitchen but you can’t seem to get rid of that foul, musty odor—what gives? The smell is likely coming from inside your kitchen drain. Luckily, you can combat musty sink smells with hot water and bleach. Watch this video to see how it’s done. If […]

  • A Look at Some Common Water Heater Problems

    Water heaters aren’t the most complex appliances in a home, but they can certainly cause the biggest headache. People use hot water every day for everything from doing the laundry and dishes to showering and shaving, so any problems with the water heater can cause a major disruption in one’s daily routine. Fortunately, emergency plumbing […]

  • All About Drain Cleaning

    Clogged drains can be a real headache to deal with, especially after wasting all that time and money on methods don’t really get the job done. In fact, some readily-available drain cleaners can even make matters worse. Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy solution to dealing with clogged drains. Professional drain cleaning services can thoroughly […]

  • Tips for Choosing a Drain Cleaning Service

    Even with proper care and good habits, it’s usually only a matter of time before you’ll deal with a clogged drain. Instead of wasting time and money battling the clog yourself, deal with the problem right away by schedule professional drain cleaning with a plumbing service in Van Nuys. But with so many different plumbing […]

  • A Look at Whining Water Pipes

    If you hear unusual noises when you turn on the water in your shower, it’s time to investigate. For example, you may notice an unusual squealing or hammering sound. These noises are created by pressure that becomes trapped in your plumbing pipes. To get to the source of your shower’s strange sounds, your plumber in […]

  • The Essentials of Caring for Your Garbage Disposal

    Your garbage disposal is among the most essential plumbing fixtures in your kitchen. When your home is in need of garbage disposal repair, you may find yourself with an emergency plumbing scenario on your hands. By building a relationship with a highly rated plumber in Los Angeles , you will know who to call for […]